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Blog Category: Maintenance

There are dozens of ways to travel with your RV and we are happy to share tips and tricks we’ve gathered from our experienced explorers. In this section, you will find everything you need to get prepared for your next RV adventure.

Components of the Essential RV Tool Kit

Beyond a basic hand tool kit, there are some helpful tools and gear that you don’t want to leave home without. From tools that will make tire changing quick and painless, to DIY supplies that will help you salvage your vacation and get you back to the dealership for a permanent fix, we’re sharing the specialized gear you should add to your RV tool kit. Start with a basic hand tool kit, and then add in our suggestions below.

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The benefits of an RV cover

This fall, after you’ve done your inspection, repairs, and cleaning and are ready to store your RV for the winter, the best next step is to cover it up. If your RV normally spends the season exposed to the elements, we think it’s time to explore the many benefits of investing in an RV cover.

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RV Maintenance: Caulking & Sealing Tips

All sealants have a lifetime. Over time, it will start to dry out, UV rays will wear it down, all the moving and shaking from rough country roads will cause cracking, and eventually, if unchecked, will start allowing water in.

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Exterior Cleaning and Protection for Your RV

RVs come with a variety of exterior surfaces that need to be cleaned and maintained, from rubber roof membranes to fabric awnings, and each with specific care instructions. Applying protective products is an important maintenance step, as washing alone isn’t enough to keep your RV in top shape. UV rays are one of the leading factors for exterior damage, so it is vital to guard against them.

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